Big Cartel Pricing - is it good value for money?

At the end of the day, cost is one of the most important factors when making a decision. You’re meant to be making money through your site after all, not splashing out all your savings on it!

The good news is, Big Cartel’s main attraction is its free plan. It’s the only ecommerce builder where you can create an online store and accept payments for free!

Big Cartel has four price plans. These range from $0 on the free plan to $29.99 a month on the most expensive Titanium plan. The number of products you can sell through your store varies across the plans from five to 300.

On the free plan you can sell up to five products. With basic features like one image per product, and the option to promote through Facebook and Instagram as well as your website, this is a good option for starting out small.

You can sell 25 products on the Personal $9.99 a month plan, 100 products on the $19.99 a month Diamond plan, and 300 products on the Titanium plan, which is the highest at $29.99 a month.

Despite bigcartel tiered plans, the features offered remain basic across all price levels. For example, Shopify’s $29 a month plan gives you unlimited products compared to Big Cartel’s 300. So, if you’re looking to grow your online store, Big Cartel won’t give you the best value for money.

But, if you’re looking to start small and keep it small, this is the only free ecommerce builder around. Now that’s something to shout about!

Of course, there are limits to using the free plan. You can’t connect a custom domain for one. This means you will have “” in your website name instead of having a personalized web address like

You also can’t create any discounts on the free version. While this isn’t ideal, it’s not the end of the world. You can get around it by simply changing the price manually. You just won’t be able to send out discount codes or coupons to your customers. As always, it’s your choice if this is a deal breaker for your online store or not.

Overall, other ecommerce builders do offer better value for money. Big Cartel’s limited and basic features hold it back from being an impressive deal. But, if you’re looking to start out on a free plan, this is your perfect choice! No other builder will let you sell online without signing up to a paid plan. So Big Cartel deserves a big shout out for this rare offer!

Big Cartel: Conclusion

Big Cartel is an ecommerce builder with numerous pros and cons.

Its appeal lies in its free plan, being the only ecommerce builder to let you sell online free of charge. Plus, it has no transaction fees.

Its design lends itself best to anyone looking to sell one-off pieces like artworks or prints. It is not so suited to adding lots of different variants such as size and color, as you have to add them all individually. So if you’re looking for a really developed store,

It has standard sales features, which will support a small online store. The limitations of some of these features means you can end up doing a fair bit of work. But if you have a small number of products this shouldn’t cause too many issues.

So, if you’re looking to grow your business this is not the right choice. But if you’re just starting out small, and only want basic sales features, Big Cartel could be the perfect place to start.

  1. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 9

    Combo: 7

    Unlimited: 8

    VIP: 27.90

    We give you all the tools you need to create your website today. Enjoy the freedom to drag-and-drop your content and images into your chosen template and build your dream site.
  2. Free: 5

    Connect Domain: 9

    Combo: 4

    Unlimited: 8

    VIP: 22

    IM Creator is more suited to users with plenty of web design experience. It even offers a whitelabel plan known as IM XPRS, allowing professional web designers to build client websites through the platform.
  3. Free: 8

    Connect Domain: 6

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 7

    VIP: 23

    BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce builder, providing extreme scalability for online stores
  4. Free: 4

    Connect Domain: 5

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 6

    VIP: 40

    Since 2005, over a million creators have sold their t-shirts, art, clothing, merch, prints, jewelry, and other weird and wonderful stuff with Big Cartel.
  5. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 15

    Shopify is the best ecommerce platform on the market today. It’s designed to help people build their own, scalable online store with hundreds of built-in features, and tons of apps.

Free: 4

Connect Domain: 5

Combo: 8

Unlimited: 6

VIP: 40

Since 2005, over a million creators have sold their t-shirts, art, clothing, merch, prints, jewelry, and other weird and wonderful stuff with Big Cartel.